Drupal hook menu title

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The menu system passes the structure array to a delivery callback which turns the array into HTML by rendering it; that is, passing it through Drupal's template engine.

The Routing component replaced hook_menu() from Drupal 7. Pay attention that the routing system doesn’t work with creation of tabs, actions and contextual links. Pay attention that the routing system doesn’t work with creation of tabs, actions and contextual links.

Define menu items and page callbacks. This hook enables modules to register paths in order to define how URL requests are handled. Paths may be registered for URL handling only, or they can register a link to be placed in a menu (usually the Navigation menu).

The untranslated title of the menu item.

Programmer's Guide to Drupal by Jennifer Hodgdon

These are the hooks that are invoked by the Drupal core. Code function hook_menu Items are cached and callbacks are executed on page load.

The application state during execution of your menu hook (for rebuild) may differ from the state during page load. We still need to figure out [#] and [#], but here's a fix for a fun bug we've hacked around.

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